Monday, June 4, 2012


*When I say absolutely I replace the 'b' with a 'p' so it sounds like a-pp-solutely.  I don't say it that way because it's cute or I am trying to be funny.  That's how I say absolutely.  "A-pp-solutely."  Sometimes I actually catch myself writing with the 'p' instead of a 'b'.  That's when you know you have a problem.

*My kindergarten kid is learning how to spell/read.  Spelling and writing out things phonetically is just the way it works around here right now.  I read what she writes and I have to really look at her words, the way they are written, words are spelled the way they sound. You think it would make my job easier.  But it doesn't.
I look and sound out each word in my head till I get the right word.  And sometimes I correct her.  And sometimes I don't.  
Right now we are working with the ending 'y' that makes a long 'e' sound.  It is an easy-eas-E- enough concept for her to understand.  But still she wants to put and 'e' at the end not a 'y' because "That's the way it sounds Mom and that's how it should be."  I can only agree with her.  Yes, things should be spelled the way they sound.  
If only life was that eas-E.

*I feel like my 'thing' lately is to post a song clip.  I love music.  
The other day I was talking to my children about how the songs I like have meaning.  We talked about how music is more than dancing or partying on Friday night or shaking your butt or calling the boy you like on the phone.  I used this song to demonstrate what I mean.  I hated to talk about war and children dying in war but after we had that chat they went outside and played and I saw their joy.
 No, I mean I REALL-E saw their joy.  
Music is magic.

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