the burbs. just fine.

*I am going to dance recitals and Little League games and helping lead a Girl Scout Troop and going to book club.  I am the quintessential suburban mom.  It was never my intent, it just happened.  It's life.  And life is good.
 My girl can dance and my boy can pitch and I can read.
My life is just fine.

*Every once and awhile a good idea hits me that I feel the need to share.
In the bag: Ballet shoes, costume accessories, recital program, pressed flowers and good luck card.   Sealed and dated!

She was given the choice:
1. You can wear recital costume and run the risk of getting it dirty or ripped.
2. We can protect the recital costume and one day when you are much older we will have your picture taken in front of all your dance costumes.

She picked #2, which leads me to believe that we are dance lifers.  
My hope is we can do this every year and when those senior pictures come around a decade plus from now we can hang them on a rack and chronicle her history in one picture.
That is if she sticks to dance.
If she doesn't it will be preserved for her daughter.


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