Some would say that blogging is a pointless self-indulgent past time.  They might be right.  To me I am honing my writing skills.  Some day they might be put to good use.  They are being put to good use right now.
If the only thing I get out of blogging is the ability to write something that has a big impact in the fewest amount of words, well I'd say my time blogging was a huge success.

Loves and Kisses,

Did you hear/see this?  I have a love/hate relationship with Florence.  I hear her songs and love them then I get pissed at myself for being so pathetically dramatic, that's the hate part.
Plus it kind of makes me want to see the movie in the theater and I NEVER want to see the movie in the theater...

 And I know Charlize is way prettier than Kristen but now you missed the whole point of Snow White. It's about inner beauty asshole.


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