Shake it out but don't shake it off

I am listening to this song on endless loop right now.  It is my battle cry for the day.  I imagine myself a little Sally Fields and a bit of a non-racist Mel Gibson in a kilt.
I have been up since 3:00 am preparing what I am going to say.  And how I am going to say it.  And how its important that I get the first word.  Because I have listened and cooperated and given the benefit.  Today it ends.  Today I am a beast.  A warrior.
 A mother warrior.
It started with tears.  There is always tears, but the word that followed set something off in me so visceral.  I did not take a second to consider anything but....ANYTHING BUT protecting my young.
First let me state that I have always ALWAYS made a point in making sure my children face the consequence of their actions.  The famous line "do the crime, do the time" is famous in my home.  But this is different.
After the teacher told me the consequence of writing '5 Things' he likes about a  teacher I was fine with it.  "Do it before baseball or there is no baseball."  Is what I told him.  'Think before you act' is what I said to him.  But when the tears came and he told me that the '5 things' would be hung in the cafeteria, on display for the school to see- well that was the spark that lit the fire in me.
I am all for consequence but I refuse to believe that public humiliation is a humane form of punishment.
Humane for a child.  A child that was said in a meeting.... a meeting that we ALL sat in to work on and understand his issues socially and the anxiety that went along with it.
 Humiliation for a child who struggles socially and with anxiety as a acceptable form of punishment is something I will never understand.  And more importantly is something I am not okay with
And the worse part is that not just one of those people that sat there in that room when "anxiety" and "social issues" was discussed went along with this inhumane punishment, but three.
Right now I am shaking out the residual anger that might get in the way of my main point.  I am shaking out the hurt I feel and focusing on the hurt that he feels and I am letting that drive me.
I am ready for battle.  Wish me luck.

And my words come back to me.  It's worth the effort.  It is  a big  deal.  And there is no good reason.


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