Friday, April 6, 2012


*Last night I put in  some ear-buds and watched a totally awesome 80's movie on Youtube.   That 80's movie that is so bad it's good.  The movie part isn't the issue here, the ear-buds are.  I love those little buggers.  Putting them in implies that I need a moment.  My children walk into the room and solemnly walk out, 'Mom has those things in her ear she needs her space.'  I can't hear anything except Billy Idol's 'Rebel Yell' and Helen Slater trying to fake a southern accent.
 I put in ear-buds and all the little squabbles and life's problems fade away.  I give myself permission to relax.  I take the responsibly and hand it off to my husband.  It's amazing what happens when you put two pieces of plastic in you ear and tune out the world.

*There are some songs I can listen to over and over and never get sick off.
Like this one.
and this one.
and this one.

*After watching that totally awesome 80's movie I had this song stuck in my head , I started singing it and I told my husband that I'd be singing it all night.  He informed me he hated that song and I got all excited because I could annoy him by singing it over and over again.  After awhile he was all like "Oh that song, I thought you were singing another song.  I like that one.'  The song lost all it's appeal then.
This is the awkward moment I realized that our relationship was less husband and wife and more brother and sister.  Is this normal?

* I like this song.

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