Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I am a moody son-of-a-bitch.  Technically a daughter-of-a-bitch.  Not saying my mom is a bitch but she did teach me everything I know.  And all I try to forget.
 I call my dad an asshole.  He knows he is and when I say as much all he can do is agree with me.  Plus that's the type of relationship we have.  It is one were he drives me crazy with his unsolicited opinions and advice.  And I call him an asshole.  And we laugh. 
  I beg him to tell me about my childhood and he says "Why do you want to know about that?  You're better off not knowing."  Not those exact words but along those lines.  One day he told me his biggest regret was marrying my mom. Those exact words.   And I remind him he wouldn't have had his kids.  But in his weird head he thinks he still would.  I can't seem to explain it or get him to understand that I am part of him and part of my mother.  He only sees me as part of him. Part of me hurts when he tells me his regret.  The rest loves him, because in his own weird way he is only trying to see the good in me.  Or so I want to believe.

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