Monday, March 19, 2012


I've been blogging a lot lately.  I don't know what it is, it just comes to me in waves.  Some weeks I could blog a hundred times and some weeks I have no desire to write.  I usually just write what I am thinking and after I go back and read and edit.  Most to all the time it makes no sense.  Or it makes perfect sense to me and I have the understanding that it will make no sense to the people who don't know me.
I went back the other night deep into my archives and I saw that I have been blogging for four year.  Four years this month.
I have written about everything and everyone.  I have dipped my toes into a lot of different blogging waters.  I have made some friends.  Some have come and gone and some still have hung on with me.  Who I was four years ago is not the same person I am today.
 I have evolved.  Because everyone evolves in some shape or form.  It's called growing up and growing older. Changing, adapting to your surroundings, who you are and who you are to become.
 I believe in evolution.  How can you not.  But I don't see evolution scientifically, I see it poetically.  The miracle that the body can change and adjust to it's surroundings over time is a beautiful thing.  And I can believe that it is the way God intended and you can believe it is the natural order of things.  It doesn't matter what evolution is or what it was intended to be, it is still a miracle.  Always.

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