Your political ideology falls right in line with your spiritual ideology, it's your's not mine and I'd prefer you kept it that way.  I personally get offended when people let me know what they think about politics and/or religion, unsolicited.  I get all weird Willy Wonka "Oh you read the newspaper/bible you must be so well informed."  Mostly I get personally offended because they are either telling me
1. I have no clue what's going on in the world or
2. Only their opinion is right and mine is not.
Equally annoying.

Religion and Politics are based on unknown tangibles.
Will lowering taxes for the rich save the economy?  or Will raising them?
Will God rain fire and brimstone on all earthly dwelling this year or 100 years from now?
It's all a crapshoot.  Nobody's right.  Nobody's wrong.  It's just all one big guess.
I don't have all the answers, I just know what I believe.  If I need to know more or I want more I will be sure to ask the people I trust.  The people who show their opinions through action as oppose to words.

Peace out.


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