It's always so interesting to go back to blogs you originally started reading when you first started reading and see where they are at.  A lot don't blog any more.  For years.  I have been blogging for about five years.  That's a lot of online years.  I saw the advent of Twitter and when mommybloggers always had a trending topic on Twitter like every day.  I remember there was a time when you didn't ask for sponsorship to conferences, you actually paid out of your own pocket.  And when reviews were just fun things to do on occasion, a perk of this online world.  When people cared more about their words than how much money they can make. 
Blogging is such a funny thing.

Today and yesterday and the day before there was some sort of snow and or ice falling from the sky here.  I hate driving in this weather.  Driving in bad weather is an art form.  You really have to manage a whole lot of different variables and if you mess one variable up you could be screwed.
Driving in snow is a skill you can lose if you don't use it.  You have to go out every once and do practice runs. 
This is probably true about everything in life.


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