This Post Makes No Sense.... You Are Welcome.

What is it that makes me want to blog?  I think that all the time.  Why do I have to write something and put it out there?  Why can't I just think a thought and idea and that be enough?
Because I'd go crazy that's why.
I have this insane....or inane....desire to put what I think and feel out into the universe.  I wonder if that is how you define an artist.  Anyone can paint a picture, an artist puts it out there.  Anyone can write a song and play it, and artist makes it heard.  Anyone could write a story, an artist lets his/her thoughts be known to the masses.
Now I feel kind of vain calling myself an artist.
Whenever I hear the song "You're So Vain" I always think what if they are not vain, what if they are just paranoid?? What if you sing that song they think anxiously 'What if this song is about me?  What did I do wrong??'  And that kind of makes Carly Simon a non-understanding bitch.  It's called paranoia and it can be debilitating and just because you were married to James Taylor and were really cool in the 70's you think you can judge people, well fuck you Carly...FUCK YOU!!!
That is all....

This song is so old but when I have a rift with my hubby I sing this song.  I don't know why.


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