Monday, July 11, 2011


*I have mad love for Elmo.  It wasn't always that way.  I catered to the masses and spread Elmo hate all over this great nation.  Then I saw this....

Any red furry monster who can hold their own against Mr. Gervais is alright in my book.  Elmo has humor.  Elmo can ad-lib.  How can a hater hate?
If that wasn't enough to convince me, I saw this is clip about the man behind the muppet...
Is your mind blown?  Mine was.
Then I read more about Kevin Clash, the man and voice behind the red furry cutie.... 
"(Kevin) Clash began building puppets at the age of ten. Clash's parents were supportive of his interest in puppetry, driving him to puppet shows, allowing for his love of television and craft...."(source)
Kevin was teased because of his passion, bullied you may say, but he persevered.
You still hating?
This fall, for their season premiere episode, Independent Lens will be featuring 'Being Elmo'.  If you watch this and still hate on Elmo, well you are just a heartless person.

*My husband and I are very different creatures.  This debate on Sammy Hagar vs. David Lee Roth points out our differences perfectly...
Husband: "Sammy can't touch David."
Me: "Everyone knows the Van Halen brothers are major douche bags (old news). Sammy is like the ugly step-child of rock-n-roll, always looking for approval. Plus Sammy's hair looks like the pubic hair on an old french whore's vagina."
We say the exact same thing.  Him simple and to the point.  Me in a total round-about, totally inappropriate way.
Well like the great Paula Abdul once said: "It ain't fiction , just a natural fact we come together it's opposites attract."

*We had our yearly birthday bash, and not to break from tradition, I forgot to take pictures.  This is why the rich hire photographers.  Between rolling forty wraps and making sure everyone had a drink in one hand and a plate in the other, no pictures were taken.  Maybe next year.

*Due to birthday party prep I read no books, so I am still working on last weeks to be read pile.  
Do you have any good book suggestions?

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  1. I love this stuff about Elmo! So funny. I had seen an interview with the man behind the puppet and was shocked! I just didn't expect this handsome, big guy to be Elmo's voice!


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