Monday, July 18, 2011

Bobby Pinned

I don't have many great ideas, but when I do they are REALLY GREAT! 
Full of a little but I love this idea!!
So back story:  I like bobby pins.  They are a hair must for every woman.  Short hair or long hair a bobby pin can be used.  A bobby pin a day keeps the hair dresser at bay. 
But they get everywhere.  I swear if my husband were to divorce me it would be on the grounds of my bobby pin obsession and subsequent bobby pin in every corner of the house problem.
My new solution??
  Magnet Tape!!
I placed strips on the inside of my vanity.  The bobby pins line up perfectly, and I can add more tape as needed.  The bobby pins sit perfectly and are at arms reach when I need them.

You are SO welcome.

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