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The Cost of E-books

I got in a slightly heated debate online about the rising cost of e-books.  Actually it was a one sided debate and I gave a different perspective and was shot down immediately.  Well rather than fighting a one againest twenty battle I thought what better place to vent than on my blog.
You know cause no one really talks back to me on here.
So the question: Do I find the cost of e-books to be high? 
The answer, my answer, is not simple. 
On the surface all is find and dandy on planet Kindle.  I have the opportunity to download a lot of free books, some good, some not so good.  I have read many books ranging in price from $.99 to $4.00.  Again some good, some not so good. 
Most of the books that I have purchased under the $4 mark are also "lendable."  This means I can pass on this book to a fellow Kindle reader to read.  After you lend that book to someone you can no longer lend it to anybody.  So if you lend that book to Sally, Timmy is going to have to get his own copy.
Now t…

Bobby Pinned

I don't have many great ideas, but when I do they are REALLY GREAT! 
Full of a little but I love this idea!!
So back story:  I like bobby pins.  They are a hair must for every woman.  Short hair or long hair a bobby pin can be used.  A bobby pin a day keeps the hair dresser at bay. 
But they get everywhere.  I swear if my husband were to divorce me it would be on the grounds of my bobby pin obsession and subsequent bobby pin in every corner of the house problem.
My new solution??
Magnet Tape!!
I placed strips on the inside of my vanity.  The bobby pins line up perfectly, and I can add more tape as needed.  The bobby pins sit perfectly and are at arms reach when I need them.

You are SO welcome.


*I have mad love for Elmo.  It wasn't always that way.  I catered to the masses and spread Elmo hate all over this great nation.  Then I saw this....

Any red furry monster who can hold their own against Mr. Gervais is alright in my book.  Elmo has humor.  Elmo can ad-lib.  How can a hater hate?
If that wasn't enough to convince me, I saw this is clip about the man behind the muppet...
Is your mind blown?  Mine was.
Then I read more about Kevin Clash, the man and voice behind the red furry cutie.... 
"(Kevin) Clash began building puppets at the age of ten. Clash's parents were supportive of his interest in puppetry, driving him to puppet shows, allowing for his love of television and craft...."(source) Kevin was teased because of his passion, bullied you may say, but he persevered.
You still hating?
This fall, for their season premiere episode, Independent Lens will be featuring 'Being Elmo'.  If you watch this and still hate on Elmo, well you are just a …

Back Porch Reading- Guilty Pleasures Edition

A dirty book is rarely dusty.  ~Author Unknown

I 'have to' read The Great Gatsby  for my book club.  Not a chore but a book I'd probably pass up on the shelf of the Kindle store.  Let's face it, for most of us, if they made you read it in high school you probably pass it up as an adult.  In saying this I know I am giving my many family members who taught/teach high school English hives.  I am sorry guys/gals reading for pleasure is so much better than reading by force.

Not saying I hate reading fine literature.  I love a great substantial novel.   Some of my all-time favorite books include Of Mice and Men  and To Kill a Mockingbird.
But sometimes a girl has got to let her hair down and have a little fun.

Enter guilty pleasure reading.  And when I say this in NO way do I feel guilty about reading any of these books.  I proudly admit to loving these books and the authors who write them.

One of my favorite (not at all) guilty pleasure authors is Marie Force
 ****-4 star read