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Don't Breathe a Word

Don't Breathe a Word by: Jennifer Mcmahon
Release Date: May 17, 2011
Rating: ****

I am totally one of those people that totally commits to a book, I dive right in and become totally invested in the story.  I can suspend reality for a brief time and swim in the pool of make-believe.  Then I leave the water and come back to reality where everything is real and explainable.  Where everything has a reason and a place...

Okay I am not that delisional.  Not everything is explainable.  Not everything is cut and dry. 

Fantasy has really become a booming genre.  Fantasy is fun and not your everyday.  Don't Breathe a Word embraces the idea of what if your normal, real life holds an element of fantasy.  Our those stories that seem un-real real?  Can you easily explain them away?   What do you do when a fantasy becomes your reality?

This book is not to be read in the dark, the subtle suspense leaves your heart racing and your palms sweating.  If you like the fantasy genre but want to read…

The Everything.

*This blog is beginning to look like a book review blog.  Reading has been taking over my life.  My mother says reading could be my way of escaping from reality.  I say better then smoking crack.  My mom jokes.  I do not.
Do you do that?  Put off everything and anything and pull yourself into one thing to avoid the everything.  I am so guilty of this.  Soo guilty.  Of course I blame the anxiety, because it is so easy to blame the anxiety.  Of course I realizing I should be working through the anxiety, but sometimes, like now sometimes, I am so sick of it.  I hate that I have to plow through and except.  I hate working on my feelings first.  Sometimes I want to just do and when that anxious feeling comes to play, I retreat.  Does that mean I let anxiety win?  Probably.

*On Facebook I magically joined a group that is connected with my high school.  I didn't request and/or approve to be apart of the group.  It's all good though. 
One thing that I realize is that I do NOT recogniz…

Semi-Sweet: A Sweet Story

Semi-Sweet by Roisin Meaney
Release date: April 25, 2011
Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Just in time for that self-induced sugar Peep coma you will so wonderfully enjoy this Easter Holiday I bring you more sweet sweet goodness.  No worries this little treat will not add those dreaded "L.B.s."  It's a book.  A good, super sweet book.  But not super syrupy sweet.  It's a subtle sweet.  Like a nice little sea-salt caramel truffle.  Sweet and salty melt in you mouth goodness...mmmm sea salt caramel.*

Top 5 reasons why I love this book:

5. The little sugary sweet stories that were sprinkled throughout the book.  As much as the main character's story was important, so too were the supporting cast of characters.  Every character played a role in the story and in a way each person's actions directly effected the next character. The author did a great job pulling you into everyone's story and weaving all the characters' story together.

4. CUPCAKES.  Keep a few on hand wh…

Made to Play

I had the unique opportunity to preview a copy of Joel Henriques' new book Made to Play  (release date Oct. 11, 2011).  I do so enjoy children's crafts, as you well know...or if not go here.  Or maybe see here...
Or if you happen to be a neighbor of mine you were already on the receiving end of my manic Kool-aide-Glitter-play-dough-making festivities this week.

Good times. Good Times.

I am a crafting nut.  So this book was right up my alley.  I am in no way an expert at the fine art of children's crafting.  I know this much though, a novice I am not.  I recently graduated from the Tacky Glue Group to the Glue Gun Crew last month.  Proud day. 

OH NOES!  "I can't craft!"  you say.
"No worries!" I say!
That is what makes Made to Play by Joel Henriques so great, there are crafts for every skill level.

Glue Stick Brigade?  How about some animal finger puppets?  If you can trace and cut and glue you are set!

Don't even know what the heck glue is?  H…