Friday, April 1, 2011

Made to Play

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I had the unique opportunity to preview a copy of Joel Henriques' new book Made to Play  (release date Oct. 11, 2011).  I do so enjoy children's crafts, as you well know...or if not go here.  Or maybe see here...
Or if you happen to be a neighbor of mine you were already on the receiving end of my manic Kool-aide-Glitter-play-dough-making festivities this week.

Good times. Good Times.

I am a crafting nut.  So this book was right up my alley.  I am in no way an expert at the fine art of children's crafting.  I know this much though, a novice I am not.  I recently graduated from the Tacky Glue Group to the Glue Gun Crew last month.  Proud day. 

OH NOES!  "I can't craft!"  you say.
"No worries!" I say!
That is what makes Made to Play by Joel Henriques so great, there are crafts for every skill level.

Glue Stick Brigade?  How about some animal finger puppets?  If you can trace and cut and glue you are set!

Don't even know what the heck glue is?  How about some portable zoo animals, trace and cut and you are set.

These are just not crafts, these are toys that are to be played with and treasured.

The beauty of Joel's book is that everything in it is simple, clean and free from all the noise that plagues modern day toys.  Truthfully our children crave simplicity.  On Christmas morning, among all the bells and whistles of today's toys, our children gravitate to the boxes those noise-making toys come in.  It is in their nature.  Isn't our job to nurture that?

Toys are to be played with and enjoyed, and the toys I make bring my children great joy.  The toys we create together makes memories. What's better then a toy made with love by you?  A toy you made and played with together.

Check out and pre-order Made to Play today!  And check out the author's blog here!

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  1. This looks so great. I need to get a copy. Charlotte absolutely adores crafts, but I have so little imagination when it comes to them. I'm just not all that crafty. Yet, I do enjoy making things, like Halloween costumes. I'll have to look for this on Amazon.

    PS I love that monster!


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