Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Everything.

*This blog is beginning to look like a book review blog.  Reading has been taking over my life.  My mother says reading could be my way of escaping from reality.  I say better then smoking crack.  My mom jokes.  I do not.
Do you do that?  Put off everything and anything and pull yourself into one thing to avoid the everything.  I am so guilty of this.  Soo guilty.  Of course I blame the anxiety, because it is so easy to blame the anxiety.  Of course I realizing I should be working through the anxiety, but sometimes, like now sometimes, I am so sick of it.  I hate that I have to plow through and except.  I hate working on my feelings first.  Sometimes I want to just do and when that anxious feeling comes to play, I retreat.  Does that mean I let anxiety win?  Probably.

*On Facebook I magically joined a group that is connected with my high school.  I didn't request and/or approve to be apart of the group.  It's all good though. 
One thing that I realize is that I do NOT recognize over half  the people.  They are like "Remember when our small little organization, that this Facebook group is based on, did that one time-specific thing?"  And I am like "OH yeah I remember when our small little organization, that this Facebook group is based on, did that one time-specific thing!  But who the fuck are you???" 
Is this bad? 

*My (cough cough-ahem)-teen year high school reunion is this year.  I think the concept of school reunions are weird.  I think the whole concept of having a desire to meet up with people you couldn't wait to get away from is weird.  I really wonder if in going to a reunion you have the desire to relive some of those days from your younger, more carefree days.
Although I admit there is a few bitches, from those carefree days, I won't mind slappin'.

*I voted today.  Did you?

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  1. Oh, I totally do things to escape my reality. Just recently, I realized that I was addicted to old episodes of House for that very reason. I know I should limit myself, but I just can't. So, yeah, TV and reading are big on my escapism list.

    And reunions are weird, definitely. My grade school had one and I thought, "why would I go to that? I HATED those people!"


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