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I grouchy and crotchety and mean. 
I am spread thin these days and some days I can bearly keep my head above.  And I hate it.  It will get better, that's what I keep saying.  This has been my mantra.  "It will get better.  It will get better.  It will get better."

Some days I am so down on myself that I can't even function as a normal person.  I know what and when things need to be done, but I don't have the motivation to do them.  I give up and then I am consumed with guilt that I gave in.  I curse my conscience.  I would like to meet the people who give it all up, and in, and ask how they did it without the guilt eating them up inside.  Must be nice.

At this time in two weeks it will be better and I a lot of  the stress will be gone.  But till then keep my sanity in your thoughts and prayers.

Vampire Lover

There I said it.  I like vampire.  Vampires.  Vampires.  Vampires.
Sookie I love you Sookie.
Civil War fighting.
True Blood drinkin'.
Animal blood suckin'.
Sometimes you just need an escape and those creatures of the night can be an entertaining bunch.  Add in werewolves and fairies and witches and you got a PAR-TEE.

It all started a few years back, I was on a short vacation, I picked up a paperback copy of "Twilight" to see what all the crazy talk was about.
Two weeks later I finished the series.
Not high-brow literature mind you, but fun and funny and an escape.
The one thing I didn't like about that series is that Bella was a bit of a whiny thing.  I get deep-true love but man get a job.

Then my sister turned me onto The Sookie Stackhouse series.
I devoured all the books in the series and I am patiently (?) awaiting the next book to come out this summer.  I loved that Sookie was strong and independent.  She embrace…

Felt Board Fun!

I got the idea for this...

A few changes.
Use a piece of flannel for your background fabric, not felt.
And instead of adhering the flannel to the back of the picture frame, use a thin piece of cardboard or poster board to put the flannel on, then stick the flannel in the picture frame then put the back of the frame on.

Cut out felt figures, shapes etc.

I used iron-on transfers to make a farm set.  Make sure your transfer paper is safe for felt, try Avery Light Fabric Transfer Sheet.
For the farm images go to DLTK.
Now have fun!