Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Pledge

Today I stand before you and take this pledge...
Today I promise not to judge, make assumptions of another mother.
I will not question her ability or her judgments till I know her story.
I will not tell her she's breastfeeding too long or too short
I will allow her to nurse in comfort, how she chooses without stares of judgment.
I will not question why she is feeding her baby from a bottle, and assume she doesn't know what's best.
I understand to a mom the most important thing is that their child is nurtured in love.
Instead of an all-knowing stare or turning away from a mom whose children are yelling, screaming, being all sort of unruly I promise to give her a smile or a hand.  I promise to let her know it is okay,  we have all been there and that she is not alone.
I promise to give my words of advice only when needed or asked for, that sometimes sharing frustrations and problems is just venting.
I promise to listen.
I promise not to judge  mothering ability by what a child wears.
If they have a dirty face.
or dirty clothes.
If they are loud.
or quiet.
If their nose is caked in snot
or they have red kool-aid stained lips.
I promise to understand that we all have those days, when all we can do is the bare minimum and remeber that tomorrow will be better.
I promise
if you look tired I will offer you rest.
if you are hungry I will offer you food
if you need a friend I will be there.
I promise to be a partner in motherhood.


  1. Absolutely love this - so powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love this! I will judge you in this pledge.


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