Friday, February 26, 2010

My Blogging Mistakes

I often grow weary of the blogging world.  I look back at all I have done in the past two years and part of me is proud and part of me wants to hide under a blanket.  I made my mistakes.  I have learned from them.

I want to share my top five blogging mistakes.....

1. Not being myself.  There are times I go back to a post and think, "Who wrote that?"  That is never a good sign.  In the beginning I wrote how I felt, in the middle I wrote what I thought everyone wanted me to write.  Now I am finding my way back to the beginning.  I write little now, but I try to write what matters.  I don't write because I have to, I write because I want to and this allows me to be true to myself.

2. Taking on too much. I am a total idea person.  Need a good idea you can come to me.  It's the follow-through that I struggle with.  I always have this notion that I can take in the world, but the world is a heavy thing and it will crush you.

In the beginning opportunities abound and I would not turn one down.  Ideas came to me and I wanted to tackle them, put my ideas in motion.  And I fell, fell hard.  I became resentful of the work.  I thought of quitting, and I did quit.  I quit more things in my blogger life then I have in my real life.  It is almost shameful.

3. Know your true friends.  Blogging friends are a dime a dozen.  True friends are for life.  I perceived many people I met in this virtual world  friends, but truthfully I won't be friends with them in real life.  I won't invite them out for a cup of coffee.  If we didn't talk for a month they would be forgotten.

Then there are those who I can always come to.  Those who I can take a break and come back to, not because I have to, but because my your soul finds its way back.  Friends that make me feel like I am home.

There are few real friends I have kept in these past two years, I can count them on one hand.  People that have been consistent through and through and have stuck when I was not consistent.

I try hard now not to try so hard to be friends with certain people.  If it is going to happen it will happen.

4. Don't look up to people.  This was one of my biggest mistakes.  I spend so much time emulating other that I forgot what this page was all about.  I can't have others writing skills or others stats, I can only have mine.

I get that I should have goals.  But I don't think I should rely on false idols.  I rather have a mentor then someone I look at and wish.  Wish that I had their skills.  Or their blog traffic.  Or their ad space.  It just isn't healthy.

5. Spending too much time online. There were days I went online first thing in the morning and didn't stop till the kids begged for lunch an hour after their designated lunch time.  Shameful.  Blogging is not about the online world.  Blogging is about the outside world and how I deal with it.  It is less about the social media story and more about my story.  You can't share a story unless you lived it.  Lived it away from this small screen and this keyboard.  And then you come back to it.  Know you can always come back to it. 

And now I will live it.  And when I have a story to share I will come back.
Till next time.


  1. Wow could I relate to THIS, AND to your blog post about being angry with God. You and I should do lunch. Seriously. Thank you for writing these things when you did. They certainly could NOT have been more timely for me, that's for sure. Sometimes it's just good to know that you're not alone in feeling the things you feel. I thank you for that comfort.

  2. I think so many of us fall into these mistakes at one time or another. Please know that I am still a loyal reader, just a horrible commenter. Thank you for sharing more of you and being yourself.


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