Monday, February 15, 2010

My Everyday

I have been uninspired lately.  Or just plain lazy.  Or not feeling like sharing my daily struggles of getting a six year old out of bed, dressed, fed breakfast, off to school, do homework, go to bed, everyday.  Because something happens when they're six.  Six means to challenge everything.  It is sending my mommy-sanity out the door, she's tired of the screaming, crying and pouting.
We now have this little-big six year old boy-man in a reading tutor program, which starts at 7:30 am.  This is all for his own good, but getting him out the door before 7:50 a.m. was a struggle, minus twenty minutes will prove to be a real strain on that above mentioned mommy-sanity.
The three-year old has turned into her favorite fictional character "Matilda."  We haven't read the book, just watched the movie.
My little Matilda craves independence and uses her hero's example to shun my assistance.  I could enjoy a nice day away at Bingo, or maybe I could entertain some speed boat salesmen, but sadly anxiety keeps me by her side.  Watching, waiting.  waiting.  Nothing. All on her own she does almost everything.  Almost.
During the day she is Little Miss Independent.  During the day he is Little-Big Man.   At night she turns back into my baby,  and he turns into my little boy.
Her and I  play a game of "I love you more...."  "I love you more the ice cream with chocolate sauce and sprinkles" I say.   "I love you more then strawberries," she answers back
"Goodnight best mom in the world" he says to me as I leave the room.  "Goodnight best son in the world." I reply. 
This is my life everyday.  Boring and somehow entertaining as I go back and read.  I hope you enjoy.  And maybe you can share your everyday with me.

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  1. Oh, that is sweet, the bedtime ritual you have! I pity you and the morning ritual. Holy cow, I would never be able to get Danny out of the house at that ungodly hour. Good luck!


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