Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Counting Calories

 Life is pretty boring.  The only thing that really has changed around here is our quest to eat healthier. Just what you wanna hear about, calorie counting and my silent prayers to STOP feeling hungry all the time.  I know it takes time for the body to adjust, I just wish it would do it NOW!   Hungry Mom=Cranky Mom.
What makes all this healthy eating easier is that the husband is in on it too.  A team, except he gets to eat more calories a day and that makes me a little resentful.  I really don't care if he is bigger, when he gets a second taco and I have to do that whole willpower thing I want to stab him in the stomach.
Some things you notice when you're watching your weight is the prime-time food commercials.  No food is to touch these lips after 7 pm and all I see is cheeseburgers and cheddar bay biscuits.  It is a great conspiracy.  These restaurants know people are on diets, they know the rules.  They also know hell knows no fury like a dieter tempted by sweet, sweet delicious salty covered french fries, potatoes deep fried greasy stain on a brown paper bag goodness ummmmmmm............
Whoo.....sorry got caught up there for a second.
This dietary interruptus could be the death of healthy eating and me.
I combat these devil commercials by either putting in a DVD or shutting off the TV completely and hitting the sack.  Going to bed before ten hasn't been bad for our mornings, just bad for my pop culture addiction. I hate not knowing what everyone is talking about on Twitter the next morning. 
That is it for now, if you have any tips, recipes clue me in.  


  1. I hear ya! We've been trying to eat healthier here also. It's more for hubby than the rest of us - but it's good to get everyone used to eating 'good' foods. I picked up the book "Cook This, Not That." It gives recipes with calorie counts of dishes you would order in restaurants. I've made a bunch of the dishes & everyone has been happy. Good Luck! Love your blogs :) (@lilcinb)

  2. I really need to eat healthier too. I dont have much will power for it. I drink alot of coffee and eat crap ie chips crackers frozen dinner bites off kids plates blaaaa. There is a site that has recipies and calorie counting an excersise crap. Ill track it down for you.


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