Thursday, January 21, 2010


This past week my sister's father-in-law past away.  I only met him once, at my sister's wedding this past September.  My sadness was more for my sister and new brother-in-law.  I wept with my sister as she shared her stories and pain.  I cleaned up after her grief went into pots and pans and mixing bowls.
The one things that struck me during this time of grief was the support and love this family received.  The phone ran off the hook, people stopped them when they ventured out, the flower shop had to stop taking orders, the owner was so overwhelmed, crowded parking lots at the funeral home and tears to fill wells.
Then today I saw this story from their local newspaper.  Not written by a family member, but a witness to this man's generosity.
I had to stop and think.  How many times have I shut myself out from an opportunity to help my fellow man?  How many times did I say no to someone in need?
If I died today what would my news article say?  Not even close to what the above story says - not even remotely close. 
What if I just did one nice thing everyday?
What if were to take on every task with a smile? 
What type of legacy would I leave? 
Maybe they won't write news articles after me. 
But maybe I would leave this world a little better.


  1. Lovely, thoughtful so many are. Still enjoying your writing even though I rarely comment.

  2. Great post. Interestingly, I have been having similar thoughts about what my legacy is. I hope by life's end, I will have become a better person. I want to be more willing to give.

  3. Heartfelt post! Something I need to work on myself.


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