I am not a beilever of ghosts.  I have seen all those shows on T.V. and I enjoy them for their entertainment value only.  It is hard for me to really take the reality that is reality ghost T.V.
My sister believes in ghosts.  The house that once was my mom's and now her's is haunted, or so she says .  Strange happenings and other questionable events lead her to believe there is something more.  An old lady who lived almost her whole life in that small home, can't seem to leave even in death.
Not that I don't believe my sister, I just am a bit reserved in her thinking.  Strange things can easily be explained.  It is an old house, with old wiring. House that have been around make noises, I am not 100% convinced. 
What I do believe is those we love who are gone look out for us, they leave us on earth but don't leave us alone. They don't haunt, but guide.  They don't change shape or float around finding ways to scare us.  Those we love that are gone do more, their presence is shown in small ways.  It is easier for me to believe this because I have lived it.  I have seen this type of heavenly intervention with my own eyes and heart.

My husband's favorite childhood memories are of his summers with his Grandma Stella.  Stella was the storybook grandmother, and more.  His days were filled with exploration and visits to the store for candy.  At night his requests for late night hamburgers were never ignored.
Every boy's dreams.
His best memories are of the daily trips to the general store for "Radio Bingo" cards.  A ritual, they would gather around the radio after lunch and listen to the announcer call the winning numbers.  He couldn't tell you if they ever won, if his grandma got the lucky BINGO, the memory of  listening and playing is what he holds on to.
Years past and he grew up.  
When I met Stella dementia had set in but she still had that warmth and love I had heard so much about.  Even though some memories were gone you could still see how special she was.
After our marriage and first child Stella past away.  We made the four hour journey up north, to my husband's summer wonderland, to lay Stella to rest.
On our long journey back home my husband attempted to get a small radio station that he enjoys on his way to work in, hours from where we started our sad trip.  This stations antenna is probably the size of a toothpick, because we heard little music and a lot of fuzz. I told him to turn it, he refused.
  Then the music became clearer.  We listened to some small town news and farm reports and then they announced it was time for "Radio Bingo."
"Did you know this would be on?" I asked him.  He simply answered "No."
I cried.
Later on we found out the money Stella left my husband was enough to cover all our debt.  I still shiver when I recall this story. You will never convince me it was anything other then Stella's love, even after she was gone she knew how to take care of the ones she loved.
I don't believe in ghost but I do believe love never ends.  Love transcends time and space.
And even death.


  1. Im left speachless! Wow! So very true. Love never ends.

  2. I agree with you. I don't believe in evil ghosts haunting us. And I don't really believe in spirits being stuck because of unfinished business. But, I do believe our loved ones are watching out for us.

    Someday remind me to tell you some of the experiences my mom has had living in grandma berniece's house. She moved there right before she was diagnosed with cancer and totally feels like grandma has been watching out for her. I think she is.


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