Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Another Top 10 in 2010;
Being judgmental is a bad thing. I get it. I don't want to be judged, who does? I would be a fool if I said nobody judged me. I have been THAT mom in the store, totally exhausted, yelling at her kids to be quiet. I have been THAT person to give THAT mom, whose is yelling at her kids to be quiet, a dirty look. Judging and being judged is not a good thing. But it happens. I am guilty.
I have given a lot of thought to who and what I judge, and these are just a few....

1. Beauty Queen parents. I watch those shows, the ones where the kids are tanned, made up to look like young hookers. The mothers are unstable. The girls will one day grow-up to be teen-age mothers. I sit and watch that half hour of crap to make me feel better about my parenting skills, because no WAY is my daughter shaking her ass for women who wear too much mascara and men who are pervs.
I have seen all this shit first hand. My sister was Miss Wisconsin American Teen. This pageant was not a glitz pageant. Little girls were told to look natural, limited stage make-up. I think they didn't allow mascara for girls younger then 10. But this didn't stop some psycho moms from primping, prodding and yelling at their 5 year old to stand up straighter and "OH MY GOD YOU SAID THE WRONG WORD YOU'LL NEVER WIN ANYTHING!!"
That was my families last pageant. My sister went into a total goth phase, she painted her nails black and wore a felt skirt with mushrooms all over it and I am pretty sure she tried mushrooms. Her pageant crowns came in handy though, especially when the Hole album came out, so it wasn't a total loss.

2. People who wear pajamas outside in the middle of the day, in broad daylight, 1 pm in the Walmart parking lot. They usually have beer cans all over them, paired with a Tweety bird shirt, and slippers on their feet. Really? You couldn't put on a pair of jeans. Sweat pants without graphics? Real shoes. WTF is your deal? PUT ON REAL CLOTHES!

3. One thing I try to do before I leave the house with my kids is to make sure their clothes are clean. Shirt are void of red spaghetti sauce. Pants are free from shit stains. A clean child shall leave the house, a dirty one stays in.
Now granted I have pulled my child from the car and noticed the booger crusted nose or the Kool-aid stained lips, I do a quick spit wash and hope that another mom understands, because I understand. What I am talking about here is the kids who looked like they haven't bathed in a week. Please clean your children, or I will judge you.

4. Wearing your pants down to your knees so the world can see your drawers means I am locking all my doors. I can't imagine anyone, seeing a boy wearing this ensemble, not getting a little nervous about their safety.

5. People who litter. Really? You are going to throw that piece of paper on the ground? Did you not see the Indian that cried commercial? How fucking lazy are you?

6. People who are #product whores on Twitter and any other site. There are very few bloggers that I will read that have reviews and product giveaways, mostly because I trust them. Mostly because they don't sit around and talk about a chocolate bar like it is the next coming of Jesus. If all you can do is talk about toilet cleaner, I am totally going to judge your real life social skills.
Go here for a great post on this issue.

7. Creepy men who wear too much cologne. Who are you trying to impress? Not me.

8. Creepy men who look like child molesters. My sister works with them, and she says if it looks like a child molester. If he gives you that feeling. He probably is one.

9. People who wear braces/casts/bandages on their legs, arms. I will never engage a person who is wearing a some kind of medical looking thing on them because I think 99% of people wearing them are totally faking it.
Really? There are real people out there suffering, and you have to be an attention whore because you leg hurts a little bit. Get a life.

10.Me. I am horrible at judging myself. I have conversations with people and I spend the next two hours dissecting everything I said and did. I spend the first hour in bed going over what stupid things I said and did and wonder if anyone is judging me because of it.

Judging, it is a vicious cycle isn't it?


  1. I can has judging too! Oh, I know abutterflyloves, kimmysharinglight! I put on a great front, Kimmy Sharing Light, the guru of peace, love and balance, but I can be the be-itch if I wanna be too! LOL!

    Here's my very short list of my pet peeves..

    1. Soccer moms that decide that they wasted enough of the day at home, online, watching tv, being a mope, deciding that 4:45 is the BEST time to hit the road and go grocery shopping with the kiddies. How I love the fact that they have all day to hit the store, without bothering me during rush hour traffic!! And then they sit in the exit lane at the store wondering why after an hour in traffic why I won't let them in? HA. Go during the day! Help traffic. How I love Holiday breaks when you are stuck at home all day with the kids! Traffic is wonderful without you. But now that the kids are back in school, you wait until an hr before your hubby comes home to act like you did anything.

    2. People that apply for jobs, interview, and waste my time so they can tell unemployment that they are trying to get a job. How funny, once I offer them the position, they have some family emergency and can't start. I raised several kids, and still managed to keep my career, make dinner, go to school assemblies, and even help out the girl scouts.

    3, 4, and 5. Back to the soccer moms. Get your mini van out of my way!!!! I know you are racing to the mall, talking on your cell, giving your kids a juice box, and changing the dvd for the kids, but do it in the right lane. Yes, I am in the black jaguar driving downtown who just cut you off. I do have a real job.. MOVE.

  2. I'm totally with you on the littering. It drives me nuts! As for wearing pjs in public, I am guilty. I happen to wear sweats as my pjs and have been known to run to Walmart in them, especially early in the morning. It is a habit I am trying to break.

  3. Kimmy I am one of those moms who actually enjoys shopping when everyone else is working. I love the freedom I get on a Friday at 10 am instead of the rush of 530 pm. Lucky for you I 530 is homework/bath time so you won't see me out.
    And Patti I swear the sweat/pj combo all the time. But I call my sweats yoga pants, it makes the pants seem less yicky and more hip. It works trust me!


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