Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just chatting

I have been one hot mess lately. I border on emo depressed wannabe to frustrated bitch. Even a breath is not enough. I need a vacation.
I have been knitting a lot, the desire comes and goes in the great circle that is my life. Reading, knitting and scrapbooking are always done separate, never together. I get bored easy.
My knitting spree is coming to a close. What happens is I have a desire to try something new and I totally bite the big one and give up.
This time it is cable knit and knitting in the round.
They can both suck it.
I have had brain block for blogging and writing. I read a lot of my fellow bloggers are writing books. They blog, they write books and I can't even formulate a sentence. I am jealous.
I changed my blog to step away from the "stuff" that "mommy" seems to attract. I wanted to focus on honing a craft, as opposed to honing everything else a mommy blogs seems to come with.
It does seem cliche to say "I want to write a book." Is that the next step in blogging? Do we all just follow that idea because it is what is expected?
1. Blogging
2. Book deal
It is exciting to see bloggers getting noticed, but sadly not everyone will see their hardcover book on the shelves at Barnes and Noble.
Some will just sit in the bargain bin at the local cheap book store.
I'd rather wait till this blogger to book thing subsides, then I'll sneak in for a sudden surprise.
Or maybe my story will fit neatly on these pages. Is going to paper important? Is my story worth cutting down trees for? Or having an overworked man grinding paper pulp for?
There are only two bloggers that I could see writing books, and gladly they are.
I often ponder the "If a tree falls" but not in the tree kind of way. What happens to us behind close doors when no one notices. Are our actions heard?
What if no one knew the secrets we harbor, would it send sound waves through our forest?
Or are those secret silent? Does it go without notice? Do we change? And do we unknowingly change the people around you?
Does this make any sense at all?
Hey thanks for listening!
Talk to you later.


  1. What were you knitting on the round? I am working on my first project doing that for a baby blanket. I have stopped to do a few other projects too. Cables scare me, so kuddos to you for trying them.

  2. It sounds like you need a vacation! Or some sort of sanity saver!

    Ha. A book deal would be sweet. But I'd never write a book about what I blog. LOL

  3. Ugh, I know. I have a million thoughts go thru my head in a day...but they are gone...just evaporated into the air by the time I think about blogging. It's like TOO much thinking...too many ideas can be the bloggers/writers worst enemy! It doesn't make sense.
    But then...what does. :-/

  4. Muah! Love ya! I think I need to drive up there an we need to hang out and we will steal rach too!

  5. I tried knitting in the round yet again and gave up. Knitting right now is a destressor so adding more stress on top of my stress that I am trying to release- not good
    Thanks everyone for your thoughts.


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