Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taking Action

I, like almost every good American, don't follow what is going on in the world unless it directly affects me. I am guilty. It is easy to be oblivious with cable and 500 channels to drown out the 20 news channels that you convince yourself you will watch later. It is the same shit over and over again, right? Of course when that news hits your home and/or your pocketbook you take notice.

Lately I have been oblivious on Health Care Reform. I am one of the millions of Americans who turn the dial as soon as it is mentioned, mostly because it is a been there done that kind of thing.

Really? You are going to reform health care? I will believe it when I see it!

Health care reform is something we can play off. Sure rising health care cost are a concern, I am there my husband's work insurance cost was raised eight percent this year alone. We have accepted it. It is almost like a type of Stockholm Syndrome. We are trapped, prisoners of the Health Care industry. We accept what is given to us because really we don't have a choice- or at least we feel like we don't have a choice.

Health Care is confusing, nothing can make me feel like a bigger idiot then talking with my health care representative, I am often driven to tears. Before I dial the number on the back of my insurance card I have to give myself a pep talk. I question if I am ready for the emotional roller coaster I might have to go on. I usually psych myself out, I end up paying out-of-pocket for something I probably shouldn't, because I fear I will hear the double talk and technical terms that sends me spinning. "Um okay I guess." is usually how the conversation ends and I shell out our hard earned money anyway.

Pathetic I know. I have a feeling I am in the majority of how the individual deals with health care. I know I am not the only one who feels trapped in this endless cycle.

I know I have to be a more informed person. Take action, know what is going on in today's world. So for Blog Action Day I make a pledge to make myself more aware of what is going on in this world. Being oblivious is no longer an option.

My first step was listening in on a phone conference with Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding Health Care Reform, an opportunity I happened upon thanks to Blogher. Although my question wasn't answered during the conference call I took the first step in listening to the conversation*, in a small way being apart of it all.

It felt good to inform myself. I will have more knowledge when I have to use that number on the back of that insurance card. I won't be driven to tears. I will understand what is being said to me, and not feel helpless. I can possibility help another person who feels trapped in that insurance blackhole.

Not a bad start, if I say so myself.

What are you doing today to take action on your blog or in your real life?

*I will link and talk about the call next week.

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