Monday, March 25, 2013

The Willy Bar

I found myself in that place the other day.  You know that place where you compare something from your childhood to how it is today.  Radio.  T.V.  The news.  Life in general.  Somehow you become the very thing  you said you'd never be....
An old person.
I could see the youth of today collectively rolling their eyes at me.
My kids rolling their eyes at me.
But it wasn't over something as serious as the news or the state of the economy.
No, it was an ice cream bar.
Laugh if you must.
I lost it over a sweet confectionery treat.
The Willy Bar from Lactose King.
I went off....
Because when I was a kid the Willy Bar came in a paper sack.
And was so big I could barely fit my lips around it.
And it had the trademark swirl.
And what is this world coming to if 'The Man' is too lazy to put a swirl on a ice cream bar.
Because I know things get smaller.
And plastic over paper.
But if there is no swirl it just becomes over priced ice cream, wrapped in chocolate on a stick.
What is this world coming to??
I lost it all over ice cream.

Because as much as you try to hold onto something true, it too shall pass.  And your left with memories.
Childhood is fleeting.  You suddenly look back at how truer life was.  And your memories are somehow grander then maybe they actually were.
Well and now I'm not really talking about Willy Bars now am I.

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  1. The Willy Bar has a hold on my heart too. My grandpa used to take us to LK and we'd get one. I think they cost all of 50 cents at the time. Maybe 75. I know if they were much more he wouldn't have taken us. We don't have LK's here, they pop up and go out of business pretty fast. But when I see one I consider stopping for a Willy, but I never did just in case they were different.

    I'm glad I didn't.


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