Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We redid the floors in our living room.  The room sits bear except for the flat screen on the wall, the cable box propped on a folding chair and a twin mattress on the floor. It's a beer poster short of a college dorm room.  I kind of like it this way.  Free from the trappings on a real life.  The echo the vaulted ceiling provides is quite lovely.  Everyone in the house but me seems to avoid it.  I am guided to it, a beacon that draws me to lay on the mattress and do nothing but make conversation with the wall.

'How are you?'
'how are you?'
'Great, thanks for asking.'
'great, thanks......'

I am only slightly pathetic.

Mostly I like it because no one else does.  What a joy to have a room all to oneself.  I am going to say everyone should have one.   A place to just be. 
Soon enough I will lose this room.  Soon enough the trim will go on and the couch and end tables will be carried in.  They will want to sit and live and I will be left with people.  I might stake my claim elsewhere.  Find another small corner, make it as unappealing to the fellow residents of this home.  Have more conversations with the wall.   Find a moment of self.

No quite slightly pathetic.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Willy Bar

I found myself in that place the other day.  You know that place where you compare something from your childhood to how it is today.  Radio.  T.V.  The news.  Life in general.  Somehow you become the very thing  you said you'd never be....
An old person.
I could see the youth of today collectively rolling their eyes at me.
My kids rolling their eyes at me.
But it wasn't over something as serious as the news or the state of the economy.
No, it was an ice cream bar.
Laugh if you must.
I lost it over a sweet confectionery treat.
The Willy Bar from Lactose King.
I went off....
Because when I was a kid the Willy Bar came in a paper sack.
And was so big I could barely fit my lips around it.
And it had the trademark swirl.
And what is this world coming to if 'The Man' is too lazy to put a swirl on a ice cream bar.
Because I know things get smaller.
And plastic over paper.
But if there is no swirl it just becomes over priced ice cream, wrapped in chocolate on a stick.
What is this world coming to??
I lost it all over ice cream.

Because as much as you try to hold onto something true, it too shall pass.  And your left with memories.
Childhood is fleeting.  You suddenly look back at how truer life was.  And your memories are somehow grander then maybe they actually were.
Well and now I'm not really talking about Willy Bars now am I.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Hello blog.  The only time I have seen you lately is to spam comments:

"You too I love your blog it so good to hear music and what is this thing you have here Me and you might  like to talk things about us and this website...."

I love it.  Who pays these people and how much?  I want in on this game.
Sign me up!

I have been spending my day reading and reading and avoiding all normal life things.  Tis' good.  I call it this the end of winter slump.  Where everything is gray.  Even my passion to do things.  Anything.

So I enjoy this desire to do nothing and stay in the gray.  Because soon color will come I will want to move and stay moving and this moment of rest is needed.

Blessed rest.


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