Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I will not question your right to have a gun in your house.
I will not question your right to carry a gun at your hip, concealed or out in the open.
I will not question your right to carry a gun in your car, easy reach in your glove compartment.
Because yes, it is your right.
I will question your right to own a gun without registration.
Or any training to use it properly
I will question sellers who can sell guns without a background check.
I will question owning a gun that fires 6 bullets in a matter of  seconds.
A high powered weapon that even our men in the military need to be trained and disciplined to use.
I am well aware of the fact that criminals and others get guns whenever and wherever they want.
This is not about our RIGHT, and your RIGHT.  It is about responsibility.  Placing stricter gun laws doesn't take away your right.  It gives an understanding- that guns aren't toys.  
They are a responsibility.

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