Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I will not question your right to have a gun in your house.
I will not question your right to carry a gun at your hip, concealed or out in the open.
I will not question your right to carry a gun in your car, easy reach in your glove compartment.
Because yes, it is your right.
I will question your right to own a gun without registration.
Or any training to use it properly
I will question sellers who can sell guns without a background check.
I will question owning a gun that fires 6 bullets in a matter of  seconds.
A high powered weapon that even our men in the military need to be trained and disciplined to use.
I am well aware of the fact that criminals and others get guns whenever and wherever they want.
This is not about our RIGHT, and your RIGHT.  It is about responsibility.  Placing stricter gun laws doesn't take away your right.  It gives an understanding- that guns aren't toys.  
They are a responsibility.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I have given some thought to what transpired on Friday.
I have school-age children.  I make their lunches and snacks.  I pack their backpacks.  I make sure they have warm coats.  I hug and kiss them and send them on their way.

I also work in the schools.
And volunteer in the school.
I help teach many kids.
I cut and paste.
I walk the halls.
I reprimand bad behavior.
And give high-fives.

Monday I will make lunches and snacks.  I will pack their backpacks.  Making sure they have warm coats.   I will hug a little harder, and give an extra kiss before I send them on their way.

Monday I will get dressed.
Make my lunch.
I will put the name tag on my shirt.
I will help teach many kids.
Cut and paste.
I will walk the halls.
I will reprimand bad behavior.
And give a few more high fives.

There is no right answers.
You just keep on keeping on.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Vlad all Over

People on occasion ask me if I have read any good books.  Well of course I have DUH, I am a professional reader!  But I hate reviewing/recommending books.  It causes great anxiety.  I always wonder what people think of my recommendations?  What do they think of me as a person?
After handing off my copy of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' to a neighbor I feared he thought I was a weird-o who liked reading about woman being tortured.
Hell what if you don't like a book that everyone else does?  Did I like 50 Shades?  Hell no!  I don't want to seem like some biblopholic snob, so I usually lie and say, 'Yeah, it was pretty good."  With my fingers crossed behind my back.
I learned the hard way to keep my reading preferences to myself.  In a group setting I once proclaimed "WHAT??!!??  People actually LOVE Nicholas Sparks."  You thought I'd killed these ladies' first born.   Note to all: people actually LOVE Nicholas Sparks.  Who am I to judge?

Today you are in luck because I am going to ACTUALLY recommend a book.  It is by one of my favorite authors, there are many and she is one.
On my list of books I re-read on many occasions is Beth Orsoff's 'Girl in the Wild' (but always in my heart it will be 'How I Learned to Love to the Walrus').  I have read it about three times in the past two years and love it more each time I read it.
Like all authors I love, I started following/stalking Beth on Facebook and when she asked for people to read her new book I jumped all over it.

 Before we begin this is not  a blood-sucking-glitterfied-Tom-Cruise-Long-haired-Brad-Pitt Vampire novel.  Think history.  How vampires came to be.  Without all the blood and guts and gore.  The history with a little love story.
Check out the Amazon snippet...
"Gwen Andersen loves being a schoolteacher, but she isn’t exactly raking in the big bucks. With her bank account shrinking by the minute, she needs a well-paying summer job if she’s going to hold onto the childhood home she inherited from her parents. So when the father of one of her students asks her to fill in as his au pair for the summer, she knows she should be thrilled. Alexander Romanescu is loaded, and Gwen adores his daughter Isabella. Plus, they’re planning to spend the vacation at their ancestral estate—in Romania!And yet Gwen can’t shake the nagging feeling that saying yes to this man could lead to more than she bargained for. She knows so little about him—and the idea of spending six weeks in the land of Dracula and Vlad the Impaler is more than a little creepy. But the legends of Romania will be the least of her concerns if she doesn’t make some money…fast. And so Gwen says yes: yes to the job, yes to a European excursion…and yes to a summer that will change her path forever."

And I so want this to be a reviews but seriously I am bad, BAD at reviews.  Think of this as a recommendation.  If you are the kind of girl (or guy) that likes a fun read check out Beth Orsoff's 'Vlad all Over.'  And then check out Beth's author page at Amazon for some more seriously funny/fun books!


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