Garrison Keillor

SECRET: I have a mad girl crush on Garrison Keillor.  His voice is the lullaby that lulls my thirty-four year old baby self to sleep.  His voice is peace.  When I listen to Prairie Home Companion it can never happens with little people around, it negates the whole peace thing.  They have no appreciation for sexy-man-voice.  It is sad.  Very sad.
 And don't even get me started on The Writer's Almanac.
 Poetry little people, the live-blood of literature!!
I love when I get Garrison's subtle humor.  I feel smart and educated and highbrow.  I look around the empty car/couch to see if anyone else got his joke, and not one of those imaginary people ever does.  And I feel even smarter.
Imaginary people are not that smart. 

Just an added video.  Seriously Punch Brothers get me every time.  I listen to them all day everyday.  I get all sad when people don't know who they are.  Just sad people....


  1. Love this! Yes! Garrison Keillor's voice is so awesome!


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