Thursday, March 15, 2012


In my state, and when I say state I mean the state I live in not my emotional well-being. In the State I live in they are talking about opening up wolf hunting.  Because the wolf is becoming over populated.  They are coming into the places where people live and becoming a danger to our very existence.  So we will decide to come into the place where they live and become a danger to their very existence.  We shall decide to turn the fear tables on those overgrown beasts.  We are the masters of our domain.  We are giant dogs lifting our proverbial leg and marking our  territory with guns and bullets.
This of course is because man would never survive in hand to hand combat with a wolf.  Because we are the weaker animal.  We might be the smartest.  We are the weakest.
I have no damage with hunting.  I have feasted on the spoils of many a family hunter.
 Man.  Meat.  Good.  Beat chest.  Meat.  Good.
You just won't find me sporting a gun shooting animal.  I have nothing to prove.  I don't have a penis.  But if I did I'd be self-confident in it's size not to have to carry around an extension of it in firearm form.
I kid.
I'm actually not kidding.
Men have this need to provide and put meat on the table.  Some with gun.  Some armed with a credit card in their local grocery store's butcher shop.
Man.  Meat.  Meat.  Good.
In the state I live in, again the actual State I live in not my emotional well-being, they are talking about hunting wolf.  Overgrown untrained puppy dogs because they are overpopulating us.  US.  Actual people.  We can not let that happen.  We are too smart for that.

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