Wednesday, March 28, 2012

luck and randomness.

*I was talking about luck and how unlucky I was, and still am.  This week about sums up my luck and it sits in the TMI catagory.
 I don't care I am going to share it anyway.
I have a cold.  A big one  With snot and coughing and sore throat and congestion in my nose and congestion in my chest and night time chills.  And sometimes I sound like a frog and other times I sound like a phone sex operator.  It basically feels like I have been run over by a semi and then the semi backed up and ran over me again.  And blessed be I also have my monthly cycle too.   Menses.  Period.  Aunt Flo cometh to town.  And now every time I cough it feels like my womanly innards are falling out of my vagina.  This is my life, because just when things couldn't feel any worse I have innards falling out of my vagina.  Not actually but it totally feels like it.  Bad.  Luck.

*I was reading a blog post about the right way and the wrong way to blog and lets not get me started on that.  I hate those kind of blog posts.
 One wrong way is to not including pictures on your post.
Because bloggers and people who read blogs have the attention span of a four year old on a sugar high.  Because I stopped needing pictures with my words two decades ago.
And how I would love to send the high and mighty person who thinks picture are so important with blog posts this blog post with a nice picture illustrating snot and coughing and sore throat and congestion in my nose and congestion in my chest and night time chills and womanly innards falling out of my vagina.  I paint a pretty picture, yes?


  1. Hahahaha! Yes! You should totally send her a picture of snot and innards falling out of your vagina!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Wait, there's a right and wrong way to blog?! I would like to personally thank you for letting us use our imaginations with the picture ;) Hope that by now you are starting to feel better.


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