Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your political ideology falls right in line with your spiritual ideology, it's your's not mine and I'd prefer you kept it that way.  I personally get offended when people let me know what they think about politics and/or religion, unsolicited.  I get all weird Willy Wonka "Oh you read the newspaper/bible you must be so well informed."  Mostly I get personally offended because they are either telling me
1. I have no clue what's going on in the world or
2. Only their opinion is right and mine is not.
Equally annoying.

Religion and Politics are based on unknown tangibles.
Will lowering taxes for the rich save the economy?  or Will raising them?
Will God rain fire and brimstone on all earthly dwelling this year or 100 years from now?
It's all a crapshoot.  Nobody's right.  Nobody's wrong.  It's just all one big guess.
I don't have all the answers, I just know what I believe.  If I need to know more or I want more I will be sure to ask the people I trust.  The people who show their opinions through action as oppose to words.

Peace out.

Monday, January 23, 2012

It's always so interesting to go back to blogs you originally started reading when you first started reading and see where they are at.  A lot don't blog any more.  For years.  I have been blogging for about five years.  That's a lot of online years.  I saw the advent of Twitter and when mommybloggers always had a trending topic on Twitter like every day.  I remember there was a time when you didn't ask for sponsorship to conferences, you actually paid out of your own pocket.  And when reviews were just fun things to do on occasion, a perk of this online world.  When people cared more about their words than how much money they can make. 
Blogging is such a funny thing.

Today and yesterday and the day before there was some sort of snow and or ice falling from the sky here.  I hate driving in this weather.  Driving in bad weather is an art form.  You really have to manage a whole lot of different variables and if you mess one variable up you could be screwed.
Driving in snow is a skill you can lose if you don't use it.  You have to go out every once and do practice runs. 
This is probably true about everything in life.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week of Jan 8, 2012

I have been writing everything lately- every thought that comes into my head.  I have a notebook by my side always.  If the notebook is to far-away I write a small post in my post editor.  I don't have anything to write on  in my car and the other day I had this 'zap!' of thought I wanted to get down and couldn't, today I am buying a small notebook.  This is what I am doing now- just writing whatever I feel.  These thoughts are ramblings, sometimes they make no sense and sometimes they make perfect sense, but more often than naught they make no sense.  They are never in perfect grammar so if that is what you need look away.

There is a teacher at my children's school that left his wife for one of the mother's at the school.  It made great fodder for the desperate housewife sect, myself included.
I saw him today and he is growing his hair out.
At one time he was a young teacher with no hair and a young wife and a dog.
And now he is a teacher with hair and a girlfriend and two pseudo-children.
I just found the hair thing so weird.

I hate when they make something taste like something else.  Like Mento's gum tasting like a Mento's mint drop.  Cause when I put Mento's gum in my mouth I want to just chew and swallow, not chew and chew and chew.  It's so unfulfilling (is this a word).  I am for certain this is why they don't make Tic-Tac gum.
They make bacon gum and I think the above rule still applies.
Fruit flavored beverage do not apply to above stated rule.  They are fake fruit disguised as fake fruit.  Never once did I take a drink of strawberry kool-aid and say "OMG this is does not taste like strawberry."  Kool-aid drinks have cartoon fruit on the packaging.  Cartoon drawings of actual food implies that you are not actually getting the food that is on the package but a cheap, sugary substitute that doesn't even taste like it's original counterpart.  This is an unspoken rule.
Sometimes I imagine I am a cartoon version of my real self.  Pencil-drawn. Black out-lined.  My hair one complete entity instead of the 100 little hairs that stand up on end like in the real version of me.
In the cartoon version of me I would smile more and worry less.  A sweeter, sugary substitute that doesn't feel like its original counterpart.

Sometimes, every once in awhile, I bite the ring on one of my husbands left finger.  It is a test. Or some grand symbolic gesture.   I imagine, as I bite down on the cold steel, that it chips my front tooth.

Or that I slice through it like butter against a warm spoon.  And I imagine what we would do if my teeth sliced through it.  Would we stop and stare at each other, fear in our eyes.  Or would we laugh at this great anomaly that I had caused.  Because I was the one that wanted to test that strength of the ring that sits on the finger, the finger that has a vein that goes straight to the heart.

I thought the other day

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have been thinking a lot about Empathy.  It can be a confusing word.  Because you might get it confused with sympathy.  I think sympathy is easy.  Anyone can feel sorry for someone else.  Everyday we feel bad for those who are somehow less than us.  We frown for those who lost, and we thank God it wasn't us.  Or we thank god.  And that is the difference between sympathy and Empathy.  When you thank God that it wasn't you you lost the Empathy game.

What would it feel like to put yourself in that person's shoes for one second.  For one nanosecond.

I really questioned our ability to Empathize when people were cheering that teen mom for killing a home intruder.  And all I could think/feel was bad for her. 
Those people cheering her will be gone when the post-traumatic stress disorder starts. 
She will not feel like a 'hero' when she can't sleep, when the sun goes down and the nightmares begin.
People said they wish they were there, or they wish they had pulled the trigger.  I don't know what to say to that.
And everyday people cheer in the street when people die.  People will always die at the hands of others.  And sometimes it's for fear or self-defense or out of hate or out of love or for the freedom of all.  But it is still death.
And it is still death.  And death is final.  And death hurts.  And it is not without consequence.

And for a second. For a nanosecond I imagined that young mothers nightmares and I feel so sad for her.  Because although she pulled that trigger for the safety of herself  and for the safety of her child, she will never again feel safe.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Really it is going to take me days/weeks to process everything in this book.  I just hope in February, when my book club discusses Pharmacology with the author Christopher Herz, I will be able to form a coherent thought.
So good.  So very good.
I am a book reviewer of few words.


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