Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Thoughts on Verbage Filters and Opposites Attracting

*I promised my sister my verbage filter this weekend.  Not that it's a very good verbage filter, word that are better left unsaid are always slipping through.  My mom has issues with my sister and I be out alone together.  Something always seems to go awry.  Like the time my sister called one of her teachers a Nazi at her boss' daughter's Bat Mitzvah.  Or me making obscene comments about people and those people being right behind me.  And we go home and laugh about our social defectiveness and my mom shakes her head and says "I can't let you two out of the house together."  And then we laugh some more. 
Hopefully her verbage filter and my verbage filter will equal a somewhat workable, functioning filter.

*I am having a hard time being a mother to an 8 year-old boy.  You know the direct and total opposite of a 34 year-old woman is an 8 year-old boy.  Sometimes I'll turn on his favorite T.V. show and watch it with him and laugh at all the part he laughs at, even though I don't really find it funny.  And I will purposefully say poop or pee or farts just to make him laugh, even though I hate the words poop and pee and fart.  Those words are tops to an eight year old.  And I make his favorite meals and snacks all the time and tell him I made them just for him.  Because you have to always find a way to connect.

*Being a mom to a 5 year old girl is easy, clear sailing, although I imagine the complete and total opposite of a 15 year-old girl will be a 44 year-old woman.  I have no idea what I will do to connect.  I have 10 years to figure it out.

*My husband is working out.  With weights.  And while he works out I mix his protein shake.  As I am making his shake I always wonder if making a protein shake for a 'weight-lifter' ruins my street cred.  It can't be helping it. 

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