Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I made pumpkin cake and no one ate it.
Strike that.
I made a pumpkin and no one ate it, but little girl licked off the cream cheese frosting.
I make a lot of things that no one eats but me.  Sometimes I wonder if I do that on purpose.  A treat for me and only me.  That putting a mushed up fruit and./or a form of large squash into a dessert is the same as putting a "Mom Only" sign on it.
It's a delirious cake.  A cake I don't have share. Well except for the cream cheese frosting.

This song has nothing to do with cake or cream cheese frosting or mushed up fruit and/or a form of large squash. It has nothing at all to do with this blog post.
Just listen.  Listen with a large of pumpkin cake minus the cream cheese frosting.

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