Tuesday, September 13, 2011

bad day

Today is going to be a very bad day.

Isn't it sad that you wake up and you know this will not be your day. And for five seconds you think it will all be alright and you step outside yourself and you trip on a rock or the sun blinds you or you run straight into a pole that has always been there. SMACK right in the head. And you say 'fuck this shit' and you lock yourself back in yourself. You try again tomorrow.

I love those days.

It sounds almost depressing mostly because it is depressing. But you have to realize that it is okay to have those days where nothing goes right because it makes those days where everything goes right so totally righteous.

Mostly I will just stay in today and lick my wounds and eat ice cream and not deal with people.  And realize how lucky I am that I can sit in here and eat ice cream and not be bothered by people.  It sure is lovely.

And also pray that tomorrow is better.  Because really it's just a day.  A day in a life,  a life that means more than the sun in my eye and the rock I tripped over and the hurt in my head.

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