Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pepsi Refesh Vote Needed!

 One of my blogging friends, and cousin IRL, is working hard this week to get the word and the vote out on her very special Pepsi Refresh Project.  She could use your help, go here and vote for her project!
Now if you are a wise voter, which I am sure you are, you want to know what you are voting for.   Patty is trying to start a Lego Skills Club for children on the Autism Spectrum in her local area.  What is a Lego Skills Club you ask?
"Children come together each week in developmentally staged groups from ages 5-17 years. During the sessions they focus on collaborative projects in a specifically designed LEGO® room. To prompt interaction among the children and help them come up with their own solutions, adult coaches divide up tasks so they have joint and interactive jobs to do. This collaboration requires close interaction and communication among group members naturally reinforcing social contact and good behavior."  From
Supplies and training are need to get the Lego Skills Club off the ground and EVERY vote, EVERY day is important!
So go to the Pepsi Refresh Project and cast your vote.  Then check out their Facebook page for more information!

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  1. Thanks, Susan, you're the best! I really appreciate your support. I actually think we may have a chance to win this thing!! Before we started, I knew I'd have family and friends in my corner, but I have been absolutely blown away by the amazing support--everyone's going way above and beyond the call of duty--especially you!


Thanks for your comments- they are like pennies from heaven.


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