Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mom Gone Crazy

Of course it would come to this.
Not a drop of patience left.  Months and years.
The fighting
The arguing
The begging and pleading and praying.
What I did was send them both upstairs.
I got the garbage bags and loaded every toy on the floor and not in it proper spot in garbage bags and baskets.  Then I put those full baskets and bags in the unused bathroom and locked the door.
Ultimately the fate of those toys rests on the decision lies between the daddy and I.    But I would love your opinion too.



  1. Fascinating. God knows I've considered it, and I've threatened it, usually resulting in tears and a cleanup that lasts a week or so. But I never did it. I can totally sympathize. You are NOT crazy.

  2. I'm this close to doing the same thing! Especially with the Legos. The problem is, it is usually Tommy who throws them on the floor, so it isn't really fair to Danny. Keep us updated!


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