Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Great Best Cat Ever Debate

Nothing like a spirited debate on Facebook to make your day.  Facebook, as well as blogs and Twitter, allows you some anonymity for the most part.  If your family is on Facebook it is a whole new ballgame.
It is always important, if you feel strongly about something, to stand by your convictions and fight the good fight.
I had a small debate this past week with my mom, it all started with an innocent enough message to my mother.....
Let me explain.  The fact that Joey Sparkles...
1. is a he
2. has three colors in his coat
2. And his testicles dropped
Makes him a bit of an anomaly.  Most Calico male cats are sterile and don't drop their testicles.  So the fact that my cat has the certain coloring and has testicles makes him very special.  If he is a true calico is still in question, but the fact that he is tri-colored and with testes is kind of rare.
 My mom has a point though, just because my cat has a certain gender-specific organ does not make him the best cat ever.   But I was determined to make my case.
So I posted some photographic evidence...
Joey Sparkles assists with household chores, like washing dishes. BEST CAT EVER!
Not to be outdone my mom then posted this picture...
Lucy helping me make the cat EVER!!!
And this is is when the real debate began....
 I have a feeling this debate will continue.  Like all debates some things are subjective.
I will stand my ground, because I know for a fact my cat is the best cat EVER.

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  1. I saw parts of this on FB but had no idea how it started. You guys are hysterical!


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