Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Teacher

Thanks to Rock and Drool for Twittering this video.

Last year, for first-grade, Nolan had one of those teachers, you know the one.  That one teacher who goes the extra step and then takes the next step and then another all for the love of teaching.
Her name: Mrs. R.
I love her beyond words and she loves my kid.  She hugs.  She laughs.  She cares. And when needed she is tough.  But a quiet tough, a tough that is so gentle and serene.  A toughness that reminds you that you are loved.
 I remember walking to her class a year ago, before Nolan's first day of first grade.  Turning the corner I saw one room decorated to the nines.  Monkey's hanging outside the door, branches and tree leaves filling the hall with joy.  Nolan laughed.  I silently begged that my kid would have that teacher.  It wasn't just monkeys, it was the idea that that teacher stayed longer to make her room inviting, she put a little more effort.

We saw that we were the lucky ones.  We walked into her room and into her arms.
The end of the school year came too quick.  It was so sad leaving our favorite teacher behind.  Would we be so lucky again?
On Nolan's first day this year he came home with an envelope in his backpack.  Inside the envelope was a picture of Nolan on his first day of first grade.  The note, from that great wonderful teacher, read: "Here is a picture of you on the 1st day of First Grade!  Happy 1st day of Second Grade!  Love Mrs. R"

To all the teachers who care and love and give their all..."THANK YOU!"  
Have a great school year! 

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  1. Great, great post! It brought tears to my eyes. So, how is Nolan's teacher this year? Ms. R sounds amazing! She sounds like Danny's preschool teacher, who still keeps in touch with us. I love her.


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