Monday, September 27, 2010

School Fundraising: Straight from the Horse's Mouth

School fund raising: it's about that time.
It is overwhelming.  I know I was in that corner with you, waving my fist in the air when another pizza/t-shirt/ magazine/candy/wrapping paper order form came home in my child's folder.  A roll of the eyes.  a glimpse of the form, pick out the cheapest thing, order and write a check out.  Been there.  Done that.  100 times.
Then, for reasons still being investigated by the crazy police, I took on the job of  Fund-raising coordinator for my daughter's school. 
Right?  I know.  It's like jumping without a parachute crazy.  CRAZY.
First thing I vowed  I would use my power for good.  I would not plug parents with a hundred fundraisers!!  One good fundraiser that is all the people want... maybe two but that's it.  I am putting my foot down.  I am standing up for the little people.  I will not surrender.  I will not be defeated.  VICTORY SHALL BE OURS!!!!!!!
Yeah well I didn't keep my vow.  I join the ranks of fair weather politicians.
My first real day on the job, parent orientation, I was surrounded.  "When are you doing this fundraiser?"  "And so-and-so school does this are we gonna do it too."  "Why aren't you doing that fundraiser it is so fun?"
WTF PEOPLE!!!! I thought you hated this shit??
So I listened and obliged.  I gave in.  I did what the people wanted.
And ended up doing up around 5 to 6 fundraisers.
Some might say that is not a lot, but for one person doing all the work, I was ALWAYS busy and then I still had people begging me to do more.
The truth.
Food fundraisers are the biggest and produce the most results.  Not the healthiest options, but people buy the stuff.  A lot of it.
A lot of fundraisers are courtesies.  They don't produce a ton of money but are services and discounts only certain organizations get to provide. Schools and organizations can offer you opportunities that the general public is not privy too, and they possibly can save you money.
If you saw.  If you knew.  If you could only imagine the number of fundraisers that pass by my mailbox.  Get suggested to me.  The sure number of pamphlets that meet the recycling bin.  You could built a forest.
The truth is you don't have to buy EVERY single fundraiser, That is why there is so many.  This one might not fill your needs but this one might.  You might not get anything out of selling pizzas, but a plant sale might be more your style.
Remember it is all for a good cause.  Sit back relax and enjoy!  Hey and you might even get a free pizza out of the deal, if you sell 10 pizzas and your entered into a drawing to win a.....
Sorry sometimes it's hard to turn off.

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