Friday, September 3, 2010

Are You Curious??

My Christmas is Fall T.V.
I wait all year for it.
I get giddy with anticipation.
Old traditions to look forward to.
And new things to be surprised by.
I am apart of the T.V. generation.
FALL T.V. Rules.
Soon I will go into more detail about what I love to watch when the kids are tucked into bed.
Today I am going to talk about one of my families favorite kid shows.
Yes I watch cartoons!
Mostly this little guy:
He is so cute.

He is everything I want my kids to be.
No, not a monkey.
Curious George is scheduled on our DVR.  George is one of those shows everyone, of any age, can agree on.
Funny and true story:
I was at one of my many meetings so the hubby was in charge of holding down the fort.  I came home and he made me re-watch an episode of Curious George because he, the 40+ year old man found it HILARIOUS.

So not long ago I was asked if I would like a screener of this seasons new episode of Curious George.
Yes. Please.  I will take one of those.

George is in his fifth season at PBS Kids and he is still curious.
George and his friend Marco need to find the perfect place for Marco's families Latin band to play.  Through their adventures they discover how sound travels and all about acoustics.
My kids are learning about acoustics.  Crazy talk.
George, Marco and the family band

It isn't just science my kids are learning about.  Watching George my kids learn about math and different cultures.  Curious George shows my children how to be curious about the world around them. I love that!

This Labor Day look for the new season of Curious George to start on PBS Kids and  look for more new episodes throughout the coming year!

**Disclaimer: I did receive an advance screener of Curious George's new season.  No other compensation was given to me. 
Curious George is part of Universal Family Productions  and  can be seen on your local PBS stations, check local listings for time and dates.
Also check out all the lovely Curious George books, by H.A. Rey from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.  Curious George books are also a family favorite, my families personal favorite:)

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  1. Cool! My kids love watching Curious George. We get no reception here, but when we visit my mom, they are glued to PBS. I love that curious little monkey!


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