Saturday, March 13, 2010

Motherhood and Writer's Goo

Rainy days bring out the blogger in me.  My brain has been a giant pile of writer goo lately.  What is writer's goo you ask?  Well it kind of looks like this....

Wordle: Untitled

Great huh?
Actually life has been getting in the way.  Kids have been keeping me so busy.
Megan has entered this era of sassiness  spunkiness.  She is three and defiant.  I, like every other mom in the world, thought I skated by this moment of disobedience. Once two turned into three and three turned into three and half I thought I was safe.
Not so fast there Susan.
We are never safe, as moms, from that moment when our young toddlers realize we, as their wise parents, know absolutely NOTHING of what we talk about.
I swear the other day she rolled her eyes at me.  Maybe it was just my imagination.
I, of course, realize that a raincoat is protection enough from a rainy day; but I don't want to get all wet today.
She realizes we CAN go out in the rain and play, I can not divert her inside with my total selfish reasoning.  Her reasoning is smart and well thought out, so I feel have no other choice but to suck it up and play in the rain.  There goes my blogging time.
On the boy side it is homework and pain that comes with that.  I'll save you from that misery, because if you are a mom with kids that have homework you are already dealing with it.
I'll just share this statement I make EVERY day: "And for the record I hate homework too, it needs to be done, like the dishes an the laundry and your dinner." 
When did I turn into my mother? 

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  1. Right there with you. I have a sassy little girl and a boy who resists homework. It's like we are living parallel lives...


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