Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today I colored. Red and blue and purple. Meg told me Boots' stomach color, I obliged. For a moment I felt completely relaxed. I realized that much of the things we regard as "childsplay" is exactly what we need more of in our adult world.
What if everyone carried around a coloring book and box of crayolas? What if, in a free minute, we did something as simple as coloring in a monkey's belly. Would we be more calm? Less stressed?
Is the answer to world peace as simple as a box of crayons?


  1. I love to color. It is very relaxing. I think I need to make more time to do it with my kids.
    I tagged ya in my blog. Go ahead kick my ass! Love ya

  2. Yes! I keep crayons close by, just so I can SMELL them! The best aromatherapy I have discovered!

  3. Christine YES smelling them, that and play-dough!


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