Thursday, October 29, 2009

Points I Pondered While Lying in Bed Last Night

*If I was to walk away from all this online stuff would anyone notice. Is my impact on this weird world enough for one person to notice. Am I a legend in my own mind? Is this really the "right" thing?

*Will it rain tomorrow? What will I do with the kids?

*Some words and phrase are overused and abused. The first time I heard the phrase "ebbs and flows" it was beautiful. I looked it up to see the true meaning, what ebbs and flows really meant, not just what I thought it meant. I used it a few times. Soon I saw ebbs and flow everywhere and it lost it's flair.
Ebbs and Flows was the queen, everyone looked. They took her out to all the fancy restaurants, and five star hotels. She went to Paris on the private jets. Soon she got a reputation. Five star hotels and restaurants became eating Chinese out of the carton in her fifth story walk up. I saw her yesterday in last years Prada and a ripped up Louis Vuitton purse.
I think some words and phrases should be like art, hung up on the walls of museums and admired. I think sometimes we should just enjoy the beauty.

* Megan watched The Little Mermaid. A little part of me hopes she is defiant. Part of me hopes I embrace her defiance. Really listen to the path she craves to walk, and be there so she doesn't have to turn to those that don't have her best intentions at heart. Who will use her desires for their own gain.

*Knit, purl, knit, purl...sometime I need sameness and a repetitive way. That is why I go back to knitting from time to time. A pattern, that in the end has a reward. Not always perfect, but still quite lovely in its imperfections.

*Will my voice come back? I know it will but what if it doesn't?

*Wake-up, get dressed, breakfast, clean-up, find something for kids to do, get lunch ready, lunch, clean-up.....


  1. That's alot of random thoughts! It seems like all you can do is over-think when you can't speak. LOL

  2. This reads, at least to me, a lot like the whole 'free association' exercise that writing workshops make you do when you learn to write with strong expression (I think I need to take a few more!).

    And, you know, I think it's really important to do things like that. It can really help to get everything out. :]

  3. Yes, you would totally be missed!! Definitely!
    I like your random thoughts. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. random posts are awesome!!
    i'd notice if you disappeared!!

  5. Thanks all self pity is a horrid horrid thing sometimes.


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