Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Better and Best

It is what I say all the time, "I know a little of everything and a whole lotta nothing." or I am good at a lot of things but great at nothing in particular. Go ahead ask me a question, I will probably know half the answer. Have a problem? I am your springboard. Once you get about 2 inches from the water the rest is up to you.

These above statement would not make my Grandma C proud, being that her motto is "Good, Better, Best never let it rest, till the good is better and the better is best." I got the good down. Occasionally the better thing I get, but sadly I can't sit still long enough to get the best thing down.

I don't want to be great at just one thing though, I know people like that. People who excel at what they do, but have a conversation with them about something else and it is dead. All conversation ends. Their best at that one thing, they leave the rest of the good to suffer, no hope at getting better at what is not their best.

Me you ask? What would I like to be best at? I would love to be a great writer, I want to do my best at this whole goofy "bloggin" thing. Right now I am far from a great writer. My ego lets me believe I am good. I could do better. Doing better will get me to my best.

And make Grandma proud.

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