Saturday, March 26, 2016

I use to be able to sit down and write endlessly.  I could type daily and feel good.   Now I can barely get the words out.  I know I have complained about this before.  It's an endless torture.  I of course have only myself to blame.  I ultimately am the one that fills my time.  I work.  I play.  I don't write.
I tell myself I will try daily.  And daily fails.  Then weekly.  Fail.  Not monthly.  More than yearly.  I find that the words come then vanish just as quickly.  I feel frustrated.  Angry.  I give up.
The giving up is easy.

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  1. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for blogging. I can relate.
    The only reason I can write almost daily is that I'm a middle aged man with years of learning what works for me. When I think of my struggles as a youth I go, "Ouch."

    Recently I took a night school class in creative nonfiction where our sympathetic teacher would ask every week if we had written, and if it was hard to write. We all shared how we struggled to get down to writing. I was the only one able to write daily. Luckily she gave us a two page assignment every week, as that was the only we could write. Like cleaning house, writing was hard without the excuse of a person coming over, or an assignment we could share in class. (My excuse is my blog readers)

    In conclusion, I would really encourage you to find other writers. (Even if they don't write daily. Yet)

    I advise asking a librarian to help you find a group or class or something. Even rural areas have writers support groups. Even if you don't write, I think writers are nice people to be around, not just because they are supportive, but because they are so awake.


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