Sunday, January 26, 2014

the beauty in movement

For the past months I have worked with and taught children with autism.  I have learned so much.

Beauty in Movement
I find that as I get older I have a harder time with movement.  
Beyond the regular walking, driving,
I find my stomach quease, 
my head ache, 
vertigo takes over, 
and my heart  races.  
I have to close my eyes and remember to breathe.
It can take minutes, hours, days till I feel myself again.  
What once brought joy, 
the swing,  
a roller coaster,
the top looking down onto the world below,  
now seems to set me on edge. 
I find myself wishing to have my feet firmly on the ground.  
The only way to be centered is to feel something solid beneath me.  

I work with children with autism. 
It seems the opposite applies to them.  
That being on solid ground makes them quease, 
causes their head to ache.  
Movement quick and sure is great relief.  
On the ground they are fast.  
Their arms appear to move without control.  
A run becomes a skip,
a gallop
then slows to a walk,
back to a run 
and a sudden erupt stop.   
Swinging becomes a stillness. 
The pump of the legs, 
and forward momentum brings a clarity to them.  
Their eyes focus and look at you.  
You see a sudden center
and in that quick moment of movement you see into a soul. 
A beautiful soul.  
Movement is a precious thing.  
Stillness can be overrated.

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