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The Streak

There is this certain pop song out that plays ALL the time on the radio.  The kids and I made a game out of it.  We were on like a four week streak of us being in the car and the song would  start playing.  By the second note you could see us cheer, hit the ceiling of the car and shout "THE STREAK CONTINUES!!!"  We had gone on a long car trip, one where you have to change the radio station multiple times, and each time we changed the station THAT song would come on.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.  It was equally annoying and fun all at the same time.  We played a guessing game to see how long we'd have to wait to hear the song again.  Since I spend more time in car some days my kids would ask if I heard the song at all, and when I said 'yes!" they'd laugh then I told them how many times I heard the song they'd laugh some more.  It became our inside joke.
Yesterday ended the streak.  I was sad.  The kids forgot to ask about the song.  I was even sadder.  I don't…


You know those super awesome quotes superimposed onto stock photos people post on Facebook everyday?  I love them.  And I am not saying that in a super sarcastic way.  Because they are super.  Uplifting spiritual guidance in jpeg form. Rocking.  This one was 'shared' 1255 times, it so prophetic and speaks to me right here in this exact moment when I am idly wasting time on this interweb.

I saw this one superimposed picture/quote today about how you are 'his first love and his first kiss and his first friend and he calls you 'mom.' That's really nice in a creepy kind of Oedipus-complex kind of way.
I have a son and as much as I love him I will never think that I am owed his first kiss or his first love.

Weirdly now we are in that stage where we have to find this new way to love each other.  Because kissing and cuddling are not the ways of the world.  Hugging is okay in a private-in the-house-don't-let-my-friends-see-you-do-it-kind of way.  Saying 'I lo…